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About BuzzNgine

BuzzNgine builds technologies that give people the power to connect with friends and family, find communities, know what's happening through our blog features and grow businesses. With over 5 million registered users around the world, BuzzNgine helps people around the world to achieve their main goals in interacting with people, growing up their business and knowing what's happening around them.

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BuzzNgine is established and built under Merge Technology Concept. A digital company that specializes in building website applications, web development, web designs and digital technologies like games, softwares and apps.

Features of BuzzNgine 

  1. Blogs - Know what's happening around the world, get latest news, entertainment, celebrities update from trusted web masters.
  2. Pages - Create Pages and get them verified, get interaction and engaged with people around the world.
  3. Groups - Build groups with lots of friends, get engaged with people.
  4. Upload - Upload files and photos in different formats.
  5. People You May Know - Add friends, connect with people you may know.
  6. Messages/Chats - Your chat/message are end-to-end encrypted. We don't disclose people's privacy only if we are directed by our/your country's law based on the act of law by our/your country's.
  7. Business - Get people to engage in your business, show case your business to millions of people around the world.
  8. Ads Manager (Marketing): BuzzNgine provides marketing platform (ads manager), where business owners run their daily ads to reach potential customers and expand their business around the world.
  9. Live Section: Go live to your audience/fans, we provide free live video sections for member's to interact and entertain their fans.
  10. Games: Our community provides games to keep you entertained and get you away from boredom. We provide lots of games for fun including all types of games which are all free.
  11. Movies: Watch your favorite movies on Ngine THEATER, all fun to go for blockbusters.
  12. Pro/Vip/Public Figure: You can become any of our pro member, vip membership or a public figure by subscribing to our Buzz-pro subscription.

Main Aim

BuzzNgine was built to bring the world closer as technologies evolves. Get to know more people and see their ideas and creative mind.

 Now, imagine a social media Community that does not

  • Spy on your activities,
  • Exploit your talents,
  • Restrict your potentials and freedom to speak.

A social media Community where everyone will be free to,

  • Speak out their minds,
  • Express their feelings,
  • Showcase their talents to the world.

 This is the perfect social media community everyone will be glad to have. Visit BuzzNgine.com today to get started.