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Ads Policy

Ads Policy

 This ads policy has been created to guild and protect you on 'what ads to' run on BuzzNgine community. We have make this policy to protect the use of the community and it's users especially when it comes to running ads on the community.

 What To and What Not To Run On BuzzNgine 

What to run: We accept and approve ads that show,

  1. Educational interest
  2. Important contents
  3. Real and Legit informations
  4. Research's
  5. Religious teachings
  6. Interesting Facts
  7. Sciences and lots more...

What not to run: We decline ads that,

  1. Mislead users
  2. Shows phishing websites, emails, account e.t.c
  3. Shows Sexual contents
  4. Shows Hacking tools
  5. Shows Non informative contents
  6. Shows Abusive contents
  7. Shows false information
  8. Promotes violence

Note that, running ads that goes against the above policies will result in declining of your ads by our staffs. 

Editing your Ads after approval to promote any of the above 'what not to run' will result in your account been suspended without further delay or warning.

By continuation of submitting your ads for approval, we believe that you have read and understands that your ads does not go against our “what not to run” policy.

This document was updated on 16th May, 2022