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Community Standards

Every day, people use BuzzNgine to share their experiences, connect with friends and family, know what's happening around the world. We are a service to people around the world to freely express themselves across countries and cultures and in dozens of languages.

Thank you for participating in BuzzNgine social media community. The community has established these Community Standards to govern your posts.

The main reasons for this community standards is to protect the usage and users of our community with two or more of the below reasons.


We try our possible best to see that users accept and get use to our privacies and the privacy of our users. This helps the Community to become safe for our users from illegal activities. Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves and to choose how and what to share on BuzzNgine and to connect more easily.


We are committed to make BuzzNgine a safe place for our users and the world at large. Posts, comments, that makes users feel unsafe, threats from users, illegal activities or contents must/shall be taken down, and users who participates in this act shall/must be punished according to how long they have participated and get reported to the administrators of the community.

Rights of Admins

The administrators of the community reserve the right to delete posts, comments, replies or other content and interactions that they deem to be in violation of the Community Standards listed below. The users/administrators may also take action to report/block or ban users from the community platform for violations.


Social media submissions that will be reported by users may include the following acts, but are not limited to:

  • Acts 1: Harassing, intimidating or threatening via comments to another person
  • Acts 2: Comments/Posts that incite violence or other action in violation of any federal or state anti-discrimination laws
  • Acts 3: Sexually explicit and sexually vulgar language and profanity
  • Acts 4: Comments/Posts or accounts that promote illegal activities
  • Acts 5: Solicitations or promotions of products or services of any third party which might/will mislead our community users
  • Acts 6: Comments/Posts that include false or defamatory information
  • Acts 7: Comments/Posts that misrepresent informations
  • Acts 8: Comments/Posts that violate privacy or confidentiality
  • Acts 9: Using hash words that disturbs the peace of the community
  • Acts 10: Repetitive comments and spam posts

Content Policy

BuzzNgine does not support adult photos/videos, disturbing photos/videos that might implant risk on our users . We have every right to suspend or disable your account for violating any of the community standards above with the below penalties;


  1. According to Acts 1 and 8, this is punishable by 2 month ban
  2. According to Acts 2, this is punishable by indefinite ban
  3. According to Acts 3, this is punishable by 3 months ban
  4. According to Acts 4 and 5, this is punishable by 20 days ban
  5. According to Acts 67and 10, this is punishable by 1 month ban

 Before any of the above penalty shall be carried out, user who have violated must have at least be warned 5 times with a 3 days ban.

Therefore, continuation of the above community standards by violating will result to the above penalty.

Changes/Amendment To The Community Standards

 The community standards board has every right to amend/change the acts, laws of this community standards. With this, they have every right to change the community standards law in improvement of the community and users satisfaction in the nearest future.

Acceptance Of This Acts

Continuous using of the community by you means that you have read, agreed, and accepted the above information giving by the Community standard boards. If not so, you are free to delete/de-activate your account.

This document was last updated on 19 Feb, 2022