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Users Privacy

Selling users privacy to third parties on BuzzNgine is not and will not be our priority as we respects users privacy in our community. We believe that keeping it save and secure is our top priority and we maintain absolute security on their privacy, we dont sell them to third parties for money making. We have only rights over your privacy when government officials/agents requests/shows evidence from law enforcement agencies to us which we will surely show them every details they need to know as long as evidence are being presented.

Users Have Rights Over

  1. Their accounts
  2. Freedom to comment on any post except the poster locks his/her posts comment box
  3. Posting to their timelines
  4. Creating blogs for free
  5. Uploading files that doesnt go against our community standards
  6. Reaction on friends/public post
  7. Groups/Page they created
  8. Report accounts that goes against our community standards
  9. Report cloned accounts scammers use or any fishy accounts that isnt save (we will review/monitor the account and carry out every measures and procedures)

We Ban Users When

  1.  They post/upload sexual contents
  2. They threaten, use violence words, or abusive words on other users post
  3. Their accounts have been reported to the administrators of the community
Read more on Our Community Standards to know when and how we ban users when they violate any of our terms & conditions or community standard.

Copyright (What's Yours is Yours)

  1. We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provided to the community service. Your profile and materials uploaded remain yours.
  2. You can remove your profile at any time by deleting your account. This will also remove any post, comments, articles, files and images you have stored and uploaded in the community.
  3. We encourage users to contribute their creations to the public domain or consider progressive licensing terms.

 NOTE: Every users are responsible for what he/she post/uploads on our community.

This documents was last updated on 16th May, 2022